White Horse Hotel: A brand of tourism on land Highlands

07/05/2014 12:21:52 GMT+7

Located in the South Central Highlands - Ministry . Dak Lak province with diverse , majestic mountains , the valley has many mountains , rivers , ponds , streams , waterfalls ... very diverse and there are many scenic spots , that's the strengths, the potential for eco-tourism , cultural operators to Dak Lak has attracted many tourists to the province in recent years . Along with general purpose panoramic tour , the White Horse Hotel has tried to reach up and rub shoulders with the unit in and out of the province to satisfied customers to please passengers .

White Horse Hotel Dak Lak People's Committee for the establishment of enterprises by number 006 255 GP / TLDN on 16.12.1995 and the Department of Planning and Investment granted business registration certificate number : 091 961 15 02 in 1996. When entering operation , the White Horse hotel Tourism ranks as the 02 -star hotel . Although newly established hotel but the hotel proved to have a lot of experience in the field of hotel business , restaurant and tourism . At the beginning of 2008 to improve the expansion in business activity over the White Horse has type conversions from private enterprises White Horse Company Limited and the Department of Planning and Investment certificate of business registration number : 40.02.001140 issued December 27, 2007 .

In recent years , the company has continually developed and enhanced services branding to serve customers . The company has invested to build a new hotel in the center of the city to a place that is convenient for traffic and transactions .... get VNAT 03 star ranking . Hotels with parking basement safe clean environment cool and quiet , has 63 bedrooms with modern equipment , auto lift and diverse dining , spacious airy ... . has 21 fully equipped massage rooms , 01 halls with sound equipment , lighting modern living , there are also many other entertainment services like : Sauma , Steam , Jacuzzi , Kraoke , Coffee bar , billiards , air conditioning, gym .... modern restaurant , capable of serving more than 1,200 customers with a full range of cuisine, Asian , local , skilled chef with staff professional and enthusiastic service attentive . In addition, the hotel also has a large hall can accommodate 500 guests are equipped with sound system , modern lighting is ideal for organizing meetings , conferences , seminars ....

Over the years , the company has employees constantly strive to achieve these remarkable achievements , such as the standard basis Strong Union in 2000 - 2008 , won the Vietnam Quality Award 2003, Certificate of Merit protection protect " national security " in 2005 - 2008 award " Vietnam golden Star " 2005, cultural Unit 2005-2008 , reputable enterprise quality Vietnam 2006 Vietnam brand gold Cup 2006 Dean of the Social Security Act and contest the Labour Code in 2007 ....

KS & DL Co. Bach has always drawn the valuable lessons learned for continuous improvement activities fit within the capacity and to meet the increasing demands of customers .


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