Wedding party at the White Horse

Modern restaurant, capable of serving more than 1,200 customers with a full range of cuisine, Asian, local, skilled chef with a staff of professional and enthusiastic service attentive.

Pet Services at White Horse

Rest, relax, if customers have a habit of exercise in the morning or at dusk, ngya White Horse will meet your needs. will free gym services for clients staying at our hotel, in addition customers can also enjoy other services associated

Shop for souvenirs at the White Horse!

Diversity, abundance of large and small gifts for each different denominations Bach Ma hotel has its own souvenir shop for all the customers want to choose for themselves a unique gift or more meaningful after the mission , tourism, resort general Highlands, Buon Ma Thuot in particular .....

Foreign currency exchange services at the White Horse Hotel

When customers need foreign exchange to the bank will not have to search or currency exchange services anywhere that would be right in front of the White Horse hotel with quick procedure, convenient prestige, the right to market rate at the time of collection ...

Shuttle service at the airport

Responding to go back to visit customers at home and abroad, the White Horse hotel offers shuttle service to airport locations in Dak Lak and vice versa. Car service from 4 to 32 seats, travel advisory, travel guides ... with the motto "dedicated, thoughtful" .....

Karaoke Services at White Horse

Large rooms, good insulation, modern factory system standard orchestra, theater, beautiful lighting, professional staff, catering menus are all right .... in hotel room karaoke Bach Code

Discotheque at White Horse

Sound system, lighting, stage and extensively beverages, wines .... bring thrills but for those who want to relax in the bar entertainment right in the service at White Horse hotel

Coffee Service at White Horse

Open space, bold taste of coffee, drinks plentiful, the staff professional and enthusiastic service attentive ...




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